Big Mike’s BBQ sauce!

Flying barracuda BBQ sauce is made in small hand made batches to ensure that hand crafted quality and control of succulent flavor.

Garlic and apricot are the subliminal tastes that just keep building. In combination with natural honey, a light smoky dusting and a bit of crushed pepper and lots and lots of love this sauce will be the best you have tasted in years, if not ever.

Made with ingredients keeping your taste buds in mind, but not overpowering the flavor of the meat. Our sauce is made to complement your BBQ not cover it up.

So for your next BBQ  event, order some Flying Barracuda sauce.

But warn your family and friends…there will be nuthin left but bone!


We can be found at the following Locations:

Kramer Vineyards in Gaston Oregon

Grammas Farm Store

And More locations to come!!!!!!

Or Just Order Online Below

* Other BBQ sauces and dry rub are coming soon!

Original BBQ Sauce 12 oz. $8.00