Corporate Team Building Dinners

We have an Idea!

Do you want to get your team together for an active participation dinner? Do you want to help blend the flavors and work side by side building new memories that are not just at the office? Do you enjoy cooking or have  fear of cooking? Do you want to learn fun easy ways to feed and present food?

Well we have the solution.

We at Flying Barracuda will bring your team together like they have never been. You will get instructions on menu preparation, Get to put your hands on technique to work and help prepare your evenings meal. We source all the food products provide all the preparation tools and products you will need to help build the evenings Appetizers, Salads and then Main entree. Not only will you be a part of making the evening memorable but you can enjoy a glass of wine and then eat your creation.   We have done it before and we want to do it again with your group! Let us know what you think after perusing the pictures and see if this is an evening that you have been looking for. this isn’t a class for learning new recipes but a fantastic way to step outside your comfort zone behind your computer screen or desk and make things happen that you can taste and sample right now.   We can even bring the event to your office building or help find a venue to rent and we then set up and go.   Call Big Mike for addition information and lets get cooking!

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